Bauhaus Font
Bauhaus Font

Bauhaus Font Download (Free License Font) – Bauhaus font has various styles and designs because it is basically a big font family. In case you want to know more about this font, it is a part of Sans-Serif Geometric font. The font has existed for several decades. Joe Taylor was the designer and then Fotostar established it. The release was done in 1960 where it had reached the peak of its popularity. Unfortunately, Fotostar cut of ties with Bauhaus. Afterwards, ITC Ronda as well as ITC Bauhaus released the unique font again. The current variation of the font is now Bauhaus 93.

About the Font

If you want to know further, this font family comes with 4 different typefaces, including:

  • ITC Bauhaus Regular
  • ITC Bauhaus Bold
  • ITC Bauhaus Bold Italic
  • ITC Bauhaus Medium
  • ITC Bauhaus Light
  • ITC Bauhaus Heavy

In case you want to use the similar font without paying anything, you can always access the alternative fonts, which include:

  • FF Meta Font
  • Benton Sans Font
  • Basic Commercial Font
  • Air Font
  • Neo Sans Font
  • PTL Zatro Font
  • Helvetica Font
  • Frankfurter Font
  • Helvetica Neue Font
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Wide Arrays of Usages

There are several reasons why people like to use this font. First of all, it has various typeface, which makes it possible for maximum placement and usages. Second, the font is easy to read and use. Its readability score is quite good, which affects the texts and designs. Rest assured that your designs would be easy to understand. Moreover, the font comes with different versions, which make it possible for different application.

Moreover, the font is easily matched with other fonts. For instance, when you pair it with Benton Sans font, you can produce layouts, titles, headlines, logos, graphic designs, and others. Basically, the font is pretty versatile and flexible for use. This is another reason why designers and most people in general love using this font. So, if you seriously want to improve your designs, it doesn’t hurt to download Bauhaus font and give it a try.

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