Comic Sans Font
Comic Sans Font

Comic Sans Font Download (Free License Font) – A lot of people think that Comic Sans font is a truly fun and adorable font – and they aren’t completely wrong. For some people, in fact, this font is one of the best font created. It’s a good thing that the font has been included within (Microsoft) Windows, becoming a part of it. In case you want to learn more about similar alternative styles, read on.

The History

Vincent Connare designed this font in 1994. Later, the font has been included in Microsoft Windows, making it more popular with the different exposure levels. As a part of the Sans-Serif typeface, this font is getting a huge inspiration from comic book lettering. As the non connecting script, this font was originally designed as cartoon speech bubbles. But for design purposes, it’s meant for casual usages, like kids materials or informal documents.

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This font has been around since Windows 95 was released. It was designed as the supplemental font within Microsoft Plus! Pack and also Microsoft Comic Chat later on. Microsoft explained that this font may be casual, but it’s also legible and it’s been popular with various types of users.

About the Font

From the look of it alone, you have to admit that it’s not for formal usages. It would be perfect for comics or casual ads (and printed media). Unfortunately, not many people realize that this font isn’t for every project. There are several ‘incidents’ where the font has been included in subjects or events that aren’t supposed to.

Comic Sans Pro

Released in 2011, this has been the updated version. Terrance Weinzierl was the creator. He retained the original design, but he then added new variants such as small capitals, symbols, swashes, and also new Italic types. But still, this font can’t be used in formal documents. Feel free to download this Comic Sans font for your projects, but make sure you know the proper application.

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