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Dune Font

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Newcomerscuerna.org – If you think that Dune font is heavily inspired by Dune, the movie, then you are right. Dune is a title of a movie by Denis Vileneuve. And considering that the movie is about futuristic setting, it would be logical if the title (and the font) also has this futuristic element.

The History

In Dune movie, the Dune font has similar look and appearance to Dune Rise, which was created and developed by Jesta Designs. The font took inspiration by the movie title. It’s quite unique that the font was based on the idea of Canadian Aboriginal syllables originally. These syllables refer to the writing systems families that were developed by James Evans (a linguist). The purpose was to establish and create a certain writing rules for several indigenous languages, especially in Canada.

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This font is considered new and modern. That’s why it doesn’t have a lot of options, especially for designers and fans. This is also the reason why Dune Rise would be the perfect option, especially if you want to have the similar font (to the futuristic Dune) style within your design.

The Unique Features

This font has a futuristic vibe and minimalist look. It’s compatible to modern themes, especially with paired with items like electronics, planets, robots, modern architecture, spaceships, nature, and such things alike.

This font also has a unique touch of constructivism, focusing on geometric shapes. Not to mention that it has a sense of compactness and sturdiness. That’s why this font is able to create recognizable and also simple design that is good for readability.

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The Benefits

This font is offered in OTF and also TTF formats. It consists of basic characters and also punctuations, creating various effects for different designs. If you want to include Dune font in (graphic) design software, like Photoshop or Illustrator, you won’t have any issue at all.

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