Gill Sans font
Gill Sans font

Gill Sans Font Download (Free License Font) – Gill Sans font may look like one of the fonts that you use for your designs, but not many people realize that this font is actually popular and likable. As a part of the humanistic Sans-Serif typeface, this font is often used by designers. It shouldn’t be surprising if you see its variants in many designs and projects.

The History

The name was taken from the designer, Eric Gill, in 1926. Later on, Monotype released this font to the public. Since then, the font has become one of the most prominent fonts for projects and designs. Over the course of the history, changes have been done to the typeface’s styling. Not to mention that different weights are tweaked and being added, making it perfect when paired up together with Audiowide font.

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This is a typeface with bold regular style, which is ideal for websites and generators. In fact, it is a web friendly font that can offer various font styles. You shouldn’t have any difficulties when using this font for your design projects.

Why Using the Font?

Because of the appearance, this font is able to attract everyone’s attention. It has good readability, which makes it perfect for various printing projects. When you are able to pair it up with other fonts, such as Bembo font, you can achieve an even better result.

Keep in mind that you should buy the license if you want to download this font for commercial purposes. If you want to use it for personal projects, you won’t have to pay anything. But it’s different when you want to include it in your commercial projects.

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Gill Sans Font Family (Includes 15 Typeface)

  • Gill Sans Std Regular
  • Gill Sans Std Condensed
  • Gill Sans Std Shadowed
  • Gill Sans Std Italic
  • Gill Sans Std Light
  • Gill Sans Std Light Shadowed
  • Gill Sans Std Light Shadowed
  • Gill Sans Std Light Italic
  • Gill Sans Std Light Italic
  • Gill Sans Std Bold
  • Gill Sans Std Bold Condensed
  • Gill Sans Std Bold Extra Condensed
  • Gill Sans Std Bold Extra Condensed
  • Gill Sans Std Bold Italic
  • Gill Sans Std Extra Bold

Font Family

In general, this font comes with 15 different typeface, including Gill Sans Std Bold Extra Condensed and Gill Sans Std Shadowed. In the event you want to have a similar look of the font without using this Gills Sans especially, then there are several alternatives to try:

  • Anomoly Font
  • Charlotte Sans Font
  • Mundo Sans Font
  • Univers Font
  • FF Kievit Font
  • Arial Font
  • ITC Adderville Font
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You should consider downloading this Gill Sans font and give it a try.

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Gill Sans font Download

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