Mass Effect Font
Mass Effect Font

Mass Effect Font Download (Free License Font) – The Mass Effect font has gained popularity since it is often connected to the game with the same name, the Mass Effect. This font is considered a relatively new typeface that is inspired from the gaming logo. It has its own unique effect and style that makes it stand out among the others. rest assured that it can make your designs super stylish and good looking with its own characteristics.

About the Font

This is a font that was developed (and also released) by KitaleBoy. It has seven weights with each of it making fantastic and beautiful styles. It comes with 100 glyphs with more than 50 characters which cover symbols, letters, uppercase, and punctuations. It also has its own X big height, making it different and unique.

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Moreover, the font has good styles and compact width, making it perfect for titles and headlines, which also mean that you can include it in blogs and websites. Want to create banners? This would be a perfect font. Not to mention that you can match it up with other fonts, like Noesteel font or Energon font. Because of the versatility, this font would be perfect for all kinds of design projects. You can be sure that it will improve the look of your designs without overdoing it.

When to Use It?

Feel free to include this font in various design projects and industries, such as banners, gift card designs, greeting cards, and social media posts. You can also include it in movies and video gaming projects. The characters are considered ‘cold’ which makes them effective for other projects, including educational institutions. If you want a font that can be used for fun and also professional usages, you are looking at the right one.

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This font is free of download for personal purposes only. You will have to buy the license of this Mass Effect font if you want to use it for commercial purposes.

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Mass Effect Font Download

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