Metallica Font
Metallica Font

Metallica Font Download (Free License Font) – If you are one of Metallica’s fans, then you should be familiar with the unique Metallica font. You have to admit that this font is quite different and unique, especially with the one-of-a-kind typeface. Because of the unique trait, this font has been used widely by designers and people in general. Thinking about incorporating it into your own design? You should at least understand the history and the basic concept of the font.

The History

When Metallica made their debut for the first time in 1981, the font has also experienced a huge increase in popularity. You have to admit that the font has its own charm, making the band stand out. It’s also one of the things to like about the overall appearance of the band.

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Although this font is mostly known as the Metallica font, the original name was actually Pastor of Muppets. The font itself was created by Larabie Fonts. Of course, you can also find other alternatives for this font, including:

  • OPTICubaLibre Font
  • Descendants Font
  • Cinzel Font
  • Trajax Font
  • Kastellar Font
  • Kastellar Regular Font
  • OPTIBriteText-Light Font

Reasons to Use the Font

This font has this somewhat futuristic and stylish design, making it possible for the font for various projects and various purposes. But you shouldn’t use this font in long paragraph because it’s not meant for lengthy paragraphs.

Larabie Fonts had done a great job because he managed to create one of the most natural and beautiful (font) families. This font is great for titles, logos, icons, and others. Not to mention that it is also considered a software-friendly font. You should be able to include the font for various projects, including art projects, headlines, titles, and so much more.

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In reality, the logo of Metallica was created by James Hetfield, the vocalist. It turned out that the logo was received well and fans have appreciated the design. If you like the design, you can download this Metallica font quite easily.

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