Nexa Font
Nexa Font

Nexa Font Download (Free License Font) – Don’t underestimate Nexa font and think that it’s similar to other fonts. This typeface has its own unique charm and appeal, which isn’t uncommon for the (pure) Sans-Serif typeface. Rest assured that you can make your design different and unique by simply incorporating the style into your designs.

History of the Font

This font was designed and developed by Svet Simone. He was able to create it in such a way that adds appeal to the entire look and appearance. When you apply it to various designs, you will naturally add a sense of modernity and professionalism that would make the designs look great. It’s not uncommon that you may find other alternatives that look alike to this typeface, such as Primetime or Raleway font.

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Moreover, this Nexa font has different weights that can be handy in various different shapes and designs. Try it; you will see that there would be different results and outcomes when different weights are applied. You should know that this font is quite popular for the italic and bold styling.

The General Benefits

Why should you use this font, anyway? First of all, it’s popular and catchy. If you take a look around, you will find it being used in various web and graphic design projects – along with various weights and styles. Second, it’s free. You should have no issue finding it and then downloading it because there are many available resources available. Third, this is a great style when used together with Traveling Typewriter font. And fourth, feel free to use it for many design purposes, like text blocks, magazine covers, titles, posters, logos, hard surfaces, and headlines.

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If you do your research, there are many alternative options if you don’t like this Nexa. Just browse around, and you can find Primetime, Black Ops, Martel Sans Black, Mermaid Bloated, and others. If you want to give it a try, simply download Nexa font and see how it turns out for you.

All Characters

Nexa Font Download

Nexa Font Family (Includes 18 Typeface)

  • Nexa Thin
  • Nexa Thin Italic
  • Nexa Extra Light
  • Nexa Extra Light Italic
  • Nexa Light
  • Nexa Light Italic
  • Nexa Book
  • Nexa Book Italic
  • Nexa Regular
  • Nexa Regular Italic
  • Nexa Bold
  • Nexa Bold Italic
  • Nexa Extra Bold
  • Nexa Extra Bold Italic
  • Nexa Heavy
  • Nexa Heavy Italic
  • Nexa Black
  • Nexa Black Italic

Free Download

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