Pokemon Font
Pokemon Font

Pokemon Font Download (Free License Font)

Newcomerscuerna.org – You have to admit that Pokemon font is a true representative of the catchy and unique typeface. Unlike the regular fonts that are somewhat more ‘formal’ and common in styles, this Pokemon font is fun, adorable, and cute. It would be perfect for casual and fun projects, and you can be sure that the effect would be just marvelous.

About Pokemon

Pokemon font was heavily inspired by the video games series released in Japan in 1996. The unique name itself originated from a (Japanese) brand, Poketto Monsutā, which means Pocket Monsters. Because of the popularity of the name, the name has been ‘monetized’ and turned into merchandise subjects for toys, manga, books, trading cards, anime, and others.

The logo was highly likely custom designed. You can find a fan-made Pokemon font with similar shape and look of the logo lettering. The font itself is offered in two different styles: Pokemon Hollow and Pokemon Solid. Not only they are extremely unique, but they are also free to download (and use).

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Download and Generator

As it was mentioned before, you can easily find and download the font. If you perform a thorough search on the (search) engine, you will be given various sources where the download link is available. If you don’t want to go through this system, you can always use a font tool generator. This is typically an online generator where you can provide the fonts you want and then convert them into the Pokemon type. This kind of tool doesn’t even require download or installation. You only need to access the online tool and off you go!

The Usages

This font is perfect for banners, ads, and other creative art works. Not only it improves readability and clarity, but there is a sense of artistic vibe to it. With Pokemon font, you can easily improve the aesthetic appeal of your design without having to go the extra length.

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